Electric Mobility at Your Fingertips

No traffic. No emissions. Just ride.

How to Swup?

Download & Register

Download the Swup app and register with your mobile number.

Find & Unlock

Locate a scooter nearby using the map in the app. Unlock it by scanning the QR code on the handlebar or footpad.

Ride & Enjoy

Hop on the scooter and push off twice with your foot to get the scooter rolling before you press the throttle.

Park & Save

Park the scooter neatly and end your ride in the app by taking a parking picture. Get credits for your next ride by parking in featured Swup Spots.

We Are Swup.
We Care.

Part of Your Community

We work relentlessly with local municipalities, operators, and teams to make every ride a great experience. Together we will shape the future mobility in your community.

Safety First

In close cooperation with our scooter manufacturers and riders, we continuously improve the safety of our riders and all other road users. Every scooter generation and app release makes you safer.

Spotless Feet

Let’s admit it, we are borderline meticulous. Every aspect from scooter relocation to parking, repairs, and cleaning follows strict protocols to ensure top scooter availability and a smooth and safe ride experience at all times.

Emission-Free DNA

Swup has pledged to help cities and communities on their way to climate-neutral urban mobility. Scooter lifespan extension, zero-emission operations, and scooter recycling form our sustainability cornerstones.