Keeping It Neat

Park scooters parallel and close to a wall, in a bike rack, or within a designated parking zone. The best is to place it intuitively where it obstructs pedestrians and other traffic the least.

Not Blocking the Pavement

When parking on the pavement make sure to leave at least two meters free not to block the path of pedestrians. Good parking prevents accidents from happening.

Keeping Access Points Free

Make sure to keep the entry and exit to houses, stores, garages, bus stops, train stations, etc. free.

Not Blocking Traffic

Your parking choice should not block traffic. Make sure not to park in the way of other vehicles and keep roads, bicycle lanes, and pedestrian crossings free.

Standing-up Right

Use the kickstand to ensure that the scooter stands firmly and upright. Fallen scooters can be hazardous for pedestrians with visual or mobility impairments.

Learning the Zone

Check out any parking restrictions in your city and plan your ride and parking accordingly. Remember that by ending your ride in one of Swup’s rewarded parking zones, you earn credits for your next rides.

Rewarded Parking Zone

When opening your city map in the app the featured Swup Spots are marked in blue. Every time you end a ride in a rewarded parking zone, you automatically earn credits for your next rides.

Parking Zone

In some cities, parking is only permitted in designated parking spots. In that case, look for the best parking spot to end your ride before you start your journey.

No Access Zone

Riding and parking in a no-access zone are not permitted and therefore disabled. Check the exact zone location on the map to drive around it.

No Parking Zone

In those areas, parking is inappropriate or forbidden. That’s why you cannot end your ride nor park your scooter there.

Outside Zone

When you leave Swup’s operational zone the scooter throttle will be cut automatically, your scooter will come to a halt, and you won’t be able to end your ride. Please familiarize yourself with where the Swup zone ends, especially when you plan to ride out of the city center.